Overwhelmingly, the community made the decision to invest in our schools, our kids and our county’s future by voting for the School Bond (ABSS Bond) and the Community College Bond (ACC Bond). This means we can invest $150 million to improve our public schools and $39.6 million in our community college. Thanks to the volunteers, advocates and supporters who made this accomplishment possible.

Relieving Overcrowding

Our high schools are already 800 students over capacity and our community is growing rapidly. And ACC is projected to grow by 16% in the next 7 years.

Improving Health & Safety

Aging buildings need critical repairs and renovations. The School Bond (ABSS Bond) will help provide a safe learning environment at our high schools and at two of our elementary schools. The Community College Bond (ACC Bond) will also improve aging ACC facilities.

Expanding Science & Technology Training

The best jobs in the future will go to those with sound foundations in science and technology. The bonds will improve sciences, technology, engineering and math (STEM) facilities in the high schools and at ACC.

Providing Job Training & Workforce Development

Preparing our residents for good paying, stable jobs is critical to attracting new companies and growing our economy and tax base. The School Bond (ABSS Bond) will better prepare our students for college or specialized training after high school. The Community College Bond (ACC Bond) will equip the college to provide workforce development training to meet employer demands.

Enhancing Public Safety Training

Up-to-date training is essential for law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical services to provide the best service to our citizens. The Community College Bond (ACC Bond) will help create a Public Safety Training Center for police, firefighters and first responders.

Keeping Taxes Low

The majority of our sales tax revenue comes from visitors shopping in Alamance County. The 1/4 cent local sales and use tax will minimize a property tax increase to pay off the education bonds. Even with the projected increase in property tax rate, Alamance County residents will still have a lower tax rate than surrounding counties. The average home owner will only pay about $2 more a week, or less, if the sales tax passes.